You will need:

• A hammer
• A long nail
• A piece of mirror card
• A crisp tube
• Some sequins
• Some clear wrap
• An adult. The adult can help you with the hammer and nail (and they\\\'re also quite handy for passing the blame in case you go over a minute!)

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Step 1

•   Pierce a hole in the sealed end of the crisp tube.

•   Do this by carefully banging the nail through with a hammer.

•   Now grab the piece of mirror card and fold it in half so that the shiny sides are together.

•   Then fold it in half again!

•   Open up the mirror card and fold it into a triangle shape like this, with the shiny sides on the inside.

•   Secure it in place with sticky tape.

•   Pop the triangle of mirror card inside the crisp tube.

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