Ill Eat My Hat

You will need:

• cling film
• kitchen towel
• rice paper
• food flavouring
• food colouring
• sweets
• iceing

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Step 1

•   Start off by getting a bowl that's slightly smaller than the hat you'd like to make. Turn it upside down on a piece of clean plastic.

•   Build up the shape around the bowl by folding up sheets of kitchen towel and sticking them on with tape. Cover the whole bowl this way.

•   When that's done, make it waterproof by adding a couple of layers of clear wrap or cling film over the top. Tuck underneath the bowl to secure in place.

•   The hat is made from rice paper which can be bought from most supermarkets. You'll need about two packs.

•   You'll use the rice paper in a similar way to paper maché - but you don't need any glue, just water!Fill a jug of cold water, and if you like, add some drops of liquid food flavouring to give your hat a taste!

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