Balloon Bullseye

You will need:

• A massive bit of cardboard
• A marker pen
• A long piece of string
• Some balloons
• Some sand
• Some ribbon
• A ruler
• Funnel

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Step 1

•   This great game is totally on target.

•   Throw your weighted balloons at the target...

•   ...and clock up points according to where they land!

•   It looks fantastic, it's great to play and really simple to make.

•   To make the game you need to get your finger tips on the largest piece of cardboard you can!

•   This is a massive bit - or you could use an opened out cardboard box.

•   On the card, draw a huge circle.

•   Here's a great way to draw the circle. Attach a pen to a long piece of string.

•   At the other end, put a drawing pin. Push the drawing pin into the middle of the piece of card.

•   Fully stretch the string and start to draw. Go all the way round to complete the circle.

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