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Apple Tumble

Not apple crumble, it’s apple tumble!

Balloon Bullseye

This great game is totally on target!

Balloony Boogie

Test your balance skills and get the real feel of surfing on a customised boogie board.

Beach Football

Make your own table top football with a tropical beach setting.

Beaded Ball Points

Make these funky beaded ball point pens.

Bottla Soccer

A fantastic way to practise your goal scoring skills with your own set of drinks bottle strikers.

Boule Frog

Just get your frog to land on a lily pad target in this fantastic game.

Bumbling Beehive

This game is a hive of activity and a real buzz to play. (Groan!)

Chip Master

Practise your footie skills with this decorated target box.

Choccy Challenge

For all sweet lovers, a maze to master and make eating chocolates more fun.

Coconut Palm Maze

Race your mate and shake your coconut down through the palm tree!

Cosmic Catapult

Get your rockets safely through the black hole to play this outer space game.

Crack A Conker

A sweet filled giant conker that makes a great game.

Crazy Golf

You’ll be sure to get a hole in one!

Croak K

A great game of croquet through cute froggy hoops.

Cyclone Soccer

This is blow football - but not as you know it!


Practise your blow firing skills with a target game that’s easy to make a great to play.

Demolition Derby

Knock the street out with our version of skittles

Duel T-Shirts

Fire paint at your mate to design a funky T Shirt.

Edible Finger Tips

These are handy to give to all your friends when they pop round!

Finger Board Skate Park

Make a cool looking miniature skate park to practise your finger skateboard tricks.

Finger Tips Wrapped Rubbish

A fantastic idea for recycling old rubbish into funky boxes.

Fingers And Thumbs

Get your fingers all in a twist with this game.

Fluorescent T-Shirt

Fantastic glow in the dark t-shirt ideas.

Fly Bulls Eye

This game is so easy, you won’t need to swat up.

Friendship Bracelet

Fantastic, easy to plait friendship bracelets.

Funky Footie

A footy lovers game with a mobile goal, goalie gloves and shooter.

Garden Pool

This brilliant game is best played outdoors, so that you've got lots of room to pot the balls!

Ghostly Golf

A game of crazy golf around a course full of spooky hazzards.

Giant Venus Fly Trapper

Not the plant, it’s a great game!

Hats Off To You

This game will nock your socks off, and your hat!

Head Turn Box

Fool your friends with this trick that looks like you’re turning your head all the way round.

House Share Horrors

Knock everyone out in the house that you are living with so that you have the house all to yourself!

Hungry Martians

A tasty game of ping pong complete with breakfast frying pans and a sausage net.

Insides Out T-Shirt

A fun t-shirt to make that never looks the same twice and where you can where your insides on the outside.

Invisible Dog

Trick your mates and make a dog lead without a dog.

Iron On Transfer

Look cool in a t-shirt with a picture that only reveals itself the further away you are.

Launch Pad

How many rockets can you place on the launch pad before launch? This is a game that's fun to make and play!

Lazy Legs

Fantastic pop up, and down, animals.

Marble Bowling Alley


Marble Mammals

Don't loose your marbles!

Marshmallow Flickers

These Marshmallow Flickers are perfect for settling any argument with dignity!


A great target practise game using foil cartons, pasta and a flick fork.

Nosey Hoopler

The aim of the game os to throw the hoops over the people's noses!

Parrot Chute

This Parrot Chute game is fun to make and fun to play.

Pebble Noughts and Crosses

Reinventing an old classic, by showing you how to make a game that is not only fun, but will last forever!

Pin Ball Wizardry

Make your own fantastic pin ball game set in a magical wizard’s castle.

Ping Pong Pan

A tasty game of ping pong complete with breakfast frying pans and a sausage net.

Pointless Darts

These darts won’t hurt a bit, because they have no point!

Pucker Mistletoe

Be guaranteed a Christmas kiss with this portable mistletoe.

Rain Stick Insect

A fantastic rain stick, that sounds great and looks like a giant stick insect.

Raining Cats And Dogs

This game has it all - cats, dogs, water balloons, comedy wigs...

Rocket Skittles

Blast off with a great set of rocket style skittles.

Ruler Flipper

Play this medieval game against your mates and flip your way to the top!

Space Pinball

Get ready space cadets, this great game is ready for blast off!

Spin The Bottle Nose Dolphin

A daring game of forfeits. Just be careful if the dolphin’s nose points to you.

Sticky Beak

Snap to it and make this great Sticky Beak - check out the snapping action!

Stretchy Jaws

A great Fun Finger Tip!

Swappable Faces

A great way to make faces using cut outs or a computer.


A great racquet game to test your skill and hit the fly into the spider’s web.

Sweet Rockets

Decorate sweet tubes to look like flaming rockets.

Swimming Pool Water Pistol Game

This splashing game is great fun to play and dead easy to make!

Table Top Tornado

A great target game made simply with plastic cups and marbles.

Viking Hoopla

A daft game of hoopla where you have to get the hoops on a viking helmet horns.

Walking On The Ceiling

A great way of making footprints on your ceiling.

Water Torture

Test your nerve with this game that can get you drenched.

X-Ray Telescope

An amazing telescope that let’s you see right through your hand.

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