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Apple Leather

Amaze your mates with edible belts, bags and bracelets made from apple leather.

Ball In A Bowl

Footie fans will love this. A fantastic way of making a ball shaped cake in a bowl.

Bling Bling Biccies

Not only does it look a million dollars, but it tastes great too!

Calypso Kebabs

Try these totally tropical, deeply delicious calypso kebabs!

Cheesy Feet

These darts won’t hurt a bit, because they have no point!

Chocolate Chequers

A game of skill where you make the board and get to eat the draughts.

Chocolate Ice Cream

It really does work. Chocolate ice cream you can make without using a freezer

Chocolate Salami

Fool your friend with a slice of salami made from delicious chocolate, fruit and marshmallows.

Crown Cake

You'll give this your royal seal of approval.

Dog Biscuits

We guarantee if you bake these Dog Biscuits, you'll have a best friend for life!

Double Shape Cake

This Double Shape Cake's got two tone circles on the outside and two tone squares on the inside!

Edible Hedgehog

A tasty mashed potato hedgehog with surprise spaghetti in the middle.

Edible Jewelry

Looks great and tastes great too, yummy!

Edible Mummy

Transport yourself back to the ancient egyptian time with this fun food make!

Fish and Chip Trick Cake

The know how to make a cake that really does look like a plate fish and chips

Flower Pot Cookery

A flower pot cake that you really do bake in a flower pot.

Fly Croutons

Waitor, there’s a fly in my soup… and it tastes yummy!

Freezer Cookies

Fantastic two flavour cookies made from a mixture that keeps in the freezer.

Fruit Sushi

Don’t worry there is no raw fish in this delicious treat!

Ghoulish Goodies

Spine chilling ideas for tasty Halloween treats

Giant Tea Cake

maybe you could make a giant cup of tea to go with this giant tea cake!

Iced Cocktails

Fun to make and delicious to drink - stripey Iced Cocktails!

Ill Eat My Hat

Make a funky hat you can eat.

Island Desserts

Make a tropical banana cake island surrounded by a fruit jelly sea.

Lemonade Ice Igloo

Delicious lemonade ice in the shape of an igloo, filled with creamy ice cream.

Meringue A Tang

A great tasting, cheeky monkey made from ice cream and meringue.

Mexican Lunchbox

Great ideas for livening up your lunchbox Mexican style.

Mini Christmas Puds

The tiniest, tastiest Christmas puds.

Mystic Muffins

Tasty choc chip muffins with fortunes inside.

No Berry Pie

Cottage pie cunningly disguised as a desert.

Omelette Faces

Not only are they delicious, but they’re full of all the good stuff too!

Outdoor Bonfire Bites

Catherine wheel sandwiches, carved hot potatoes and warming drinks to serve on a chilly bonfire night.

Painted Toast


Rainbow Sugar

Brighten up desserts with this beautiful coloured sugar.

Red Hot Autumn Bonfire

A tasty mix of sausage and mash in the shape of a blazing fire.

Safari Lunchbox

Great ideas for livening up your lunchbox safari style.

Scary Fruit Pumpkins

Scary treats to impress your mates!

Soup Cauldron

Why not make this great bowl for your soup? You can eat it, too!

Soup Sundae

Looks like ice cream, tastes like soup ...crazy!

Splat Pizza

A tasty pizza in the shape of a cute splat hedgehog

Splodge Cakes

Great cakes that are just as colourful on the outside as they are on the inside. And are great fun to make.

Stainglass Biscuits

Biscuits that the light shines through and taste great.

Whole Meal Loaf

Not only does it taste really scrumptious, it makes a delicious accompaniment to any picnic!

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