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3D Christmas Tree Card

Make a great pop up, 3D Christmas card.

Animation Projector

Make a fantastic paper plate projector that really does work.

Ankle Spinner

Great fun, don’t get dizzy though!

Anti-Copycat Kit

A great trick to fool your friends with.

Apple Maggot

This great trick is good for stopping people taking a bite out of your snacks.

Arm Warmers

These are the height of fashion but won't cost you an arm and a leg!


Make your mates jump with this banging paper banger.

Bath Paints

In less than a minute you can clean up your act and have a splashing time with Finger Tips Bath Paints!

Bedroom Burglar

A simply brilliant way to know if anyone’s been in your room.

Body Glitter

Great for giving away as presents for your sister or just for using on yourself!

Bottle Band

Not only is it a neat little hand gripper for your bottle but it’s a great way to identify which is your drink!

Bubble Wrap Cushion

Make a fantastic comfy cushion. The filling is up to you.

Can Can Rabbit

Make a cute rabbit in a can and grow it carrot top ears.

CD Dangler

Collect your old CDs to make this great looking, light reflecting decoration.

CD Mirror

This shiny make will dazzle your mates, so you will all be fighting over this mirror!

CD Rack

A great, easy to make rack to store all your CDs.

Clutter Case

A nifty desk tidy made from a cassette case and film canisters.

Cork Board

This ones a right corker!

Cossie Carrier

A cool way of carrying your cossie to the pool or beach.

Crocodile Clips

Make one of these to store your favourite photographs and important notes.

Cutlery Characters

These cute little guys will brighten up any room.

Dancing Cobra

A paper snake that really does dance.

Decision Maker

An explosive way of making your mind up using a film canister and bicarbonate of soda.

Door Decider

Make yourself a cool Finger Tips Door Decider and never have to worry about unwanted visitors again!

Elastic Memo Board

The great thing about this memo board is you don't need any pins!

Eyes That Follow

Make a picture with eyes that really do follow you around the room.

Fantastic Night Light

A light for the Night!

Fila Foam

Brighten up your books and paper with an easy to make cover.

French Fry Butterfly

Keep hold of your old chip cartons to make great looking window decorations that are also handy for holding hair clips.

Frozen Bath Cubes

Chill at out bathtime with this great and easy 1 Minute Finger Tip.

Gadget Protector

This nifty little cover for your favorite gadgets stops them from getting scratched!

Ghostlier Levitator

Amaze your mates with an up and down make that acts like magic.

Gory Gash

Ahh how did you get that nasty gash?! Phew, it’s just the Finger Tips Gory Gash!

Inside Outside Card

A great paper fold trick to play on your mates.

Joke CD Food

Mmm a lovely doughnut or beagle, but don't take a bite out of these, its joke food!

Juggling Balls

Perfect your juggling with these easy to make juggling balls.

Jumping Frog

Fold a hopping paper frog.


A simple way of making a fantastic kaleidoscope.


A fantastic kite that will even fly indoors.

Light Pull

Replace a dull old light pull with a funky one made from a cotton reel and glitter.

Lime Dancing Crabs

Fantastic paper napkin crabs that really do dance with the music.

Link Chain

A great pocket game that will have you making silly faces.

Magic Pencil Trick

Make a pencil disappear? This will fool even the most clued up magicians!

Magnetic Bookmark

Can you make a bookmark that'll never fall out, in under one minute?

Magnetic Photo Game

Give your mates a magnetic hairstyle!

Matchbox Top

An easy to make spinning top that can help make up your mind.

Mendable Masterpiece

Here's a great puzzle you can make for your fridge door. But can you manage it in under a minute?

Nodding Christmas Character

A Christmas character that will wave all season.

Nutty Touchdown

A great game made from straws and card. Once you start playing you won’t want to stop.

Paper Fold Caterpillar

Fold a cute caterpillar that’s easily animated.

Paper Grabber

A nifty grabber right at your finger tips.

Peg Gripper

Perfect for holding your notes or your favorite photo!


Great looking, flying dinosaurs.

Pen Friend

A friend for your pen!

Pen Top Rocker

Jazz up your pen with this 1 Minute Finger Tip. Can you manage it in time?

Personal Stereo

You’ll never believe what you can hear with this personal stereo.

Phone Charm

If you don’t have a phone these look great attached to a digital camera or even a hand held games consol!

Phoney Deck Chair

Make sure your mobile stays handy in this great looking mini deckchair.

Pipe Cleaner Pen Top

Twist yourself a cute little caterpillar pencil top.

Plug Bug

Don’t worry it’s not a creepy crawly up in the drain, it’s a plug bug!

Pop Up Card

A fantastic way of making your own pop up card.

Posh Pin

Way better than normal pins!


It’s easy to make, but might take time to master. A paper propeller that spins with you.

Raspberry Blower

Make your own raspberry blower.

Rubber Buddy

This little buddy will always be there for you when you make a mistake,

Scratch Cards

Send these to your mates for them to scratch off and reveal the secret message.

Severed Thumb

This gruesome trick will fool all your mates, let’s hope their not squeamish!

Shower Scourer

A funky looking bag to keep all your soaps and shampoos handy in the shower.

Sleep Glasses

Make your own sneaky glasses and you don’t have to spend a blinking penny!

Smelly Rocks

The latest in perfume technology - in under a minute, of course!

Snatchers Wallet

Trick your mates with this wallet that keeps hold of your money.

Snug Bug Mug

Can you make a themed sleeve for your next mug of tea or coffee, in under a minute?

Soapy Dish

Never lose the soap in the bath again with this Finger Tip!

Speed Bead

A fantastic bead made simply from a strip of paper. Make as many as you want and any colour you want.

Spinning Colour Circle

Make a great colour circle that spins white.

Spokely Dokely

A great way to brighten up your bike spokes using a washing up bottle lid and glitter.

Spoon BasketBall

Slam dunk your way to a great game, in less than a minute!

Spoon Bugs

Can you manage this 1 Minute Finger Tip in time?

Springboard Bird Feeder

A little bird feeder to test the pecking skills of your garden birds.

Spy Periscope

This Spy Periscope is very useful for seeing over high things.

Squeezie Mover

A great little paper pop up.

Stain Glass Window

Just use some sticky tape and a CD cover to make a really fantastic miniature stain glass window.

Sticky Tape Skate

Keep your sticky tape close to hand on a cool skateboard tape dispenser.

Stretchy Shelf Buddy

This handy little guy will brighten up your desk and if you're down you can always give him a stretch!

Table Top Creepy Crawlies

Here's a great 1 Minute Finger Tip for you - so long as you don't mind bugs!

Table Top Swing Ball

Great for popping in all your bits and pieces when you’re out and about.

Thumb Fight

It’ll only take an old CD cover and a few straws to make a great looking wrestling ring - for thumbs.

Tight Tattoos

Perfect for fooling your granny!

Toad Stall

A fantastic garden inspired seat with a secret compartment for all your hidden treasures!

Toast Text

Write a message on a slice of bread - then toast and post! They look fantastic!


Make your own jumping bean.

Upside Down Viewer

Make a simple viewer to look at the world upside down.

Water Bomb

Make fantastic paper fold water or paint bombs.


Challenge your mates to a few rounds in the ring with these paper wrestlers.

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