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Baseball Hat Stand

A great looking baseball bat for hanging up your cap!

Bath Bombs

Make these Bath Bombs and say bye bye to boring bathtimes!

Bath Cookies

They make great gifts for friends and family or why not give yourself a treat with a nice relaxing bath after a tough day at school.

Bath Crayons

They are great fun, perfectly safe to use on tiles and enamel. They even clean the bath too.

Bath Jelly and Ice Cream

Shower gel jelly and bath bomb ice cream!

Bedroom Bunting

Brighten up a room with this great bunting, you can use it anywhere!

Bolt On Belt

Recycle an old chain into a fashionably funky belt!

Bottle Bracelet

Funky bracelets made from plastic bottles.

Bowled Over

Beautifully colourful bowls made without the need for paint.

Bread Dangler

Use your loaf, transform some stale slices into a great bread dangler!

CD Case Frame

Shower gel jelly and bath bomb ice cream!

Chip Pot

The best place to keep your pet fish food, in a chip wrapper bowl.

Chop It Up Top

You'll find loads of t-shirts like this in the shops - but why not have a go at making them for yourself, at a fraction of the cost!

Clothing Caddy

A perfect place to store all your bits and pieces, hangs up nice and tidy.

Clutch Bag

Great for popping in all your bits and pieces when you’re out and about.

Communication Lines

Mini telegraph lines for holding all your friends contact details

Costume Egg Cups

Make your own cool dude egg cup.

Creative Crockery

Personalised tiles, plates, mugs and bowls. Here's how!

Creature Soap

It makes a unique gift and when you’re finished with the soap you still have a toy to mess around with in the bath!

Customised Jeans

With a bit of fabric paint and some beads you can make your own designer jeans.

Desk Top Helper

This little feller will keep your pencil so you always know where it is, he looks cool too!

Door Dangler

Really jazzes up a doorway and keeps the flies out in the summer.

Dream Catcher

A simple way of making a dream catcher to ensure your dreams come true.

Eco Bag

The Eco-Bag not only looks fab but is good for the environment, get in!

Filler Frame

A great way of revamping dull frames using tiling grout and odds and ends.

Finger Tips T-Shirt

Customise a T Shirt, Finger Tips style.

Flaming Torch

Make your own colourful, flaming torch.

Froggy Note Dispenser

If you open his mouth he’ll dispense white paper, ideal for making all your notes!

Funky Flip Flops

Great to give as presents, great to wear yourself, flipping fantastic!

Get Knotted

An easy way of making colourful, funky friendship bracelets and trendy belts.

Glam Cards

Ideal for those special occasions…they look pricey but they cost practically nothing to make!

Interchangeable Hat

Turn a plain old baseball hat into a funky piece of headgear.

Lolly Stick Soap

Revamp dull bars of soap into something more more exciting!

Magazine Makeovers

Put old glossy magazines to new use with this great Finger Tips.

Magic Money Box

Keep your money safe away from prying eyes with this Little Finger Tip.

Mobile Phone Socks

They make really unique gifts and can be used for cameras, music players or even just secret stuff.

Mouse House

Make a home for your computer mouse!

Name Frame

A funky frame which shows your name!

Nifty Knobs

A fantastically simple way to brighten up boring bedroom furniture.

Orange Peel Jewelry

It’s cheap and easy to make and when you give it a coat of paint it looks like expensive leather.

Padded Pocket Tidy

Great for storing your bits and bobs, or just for jazzing up a boring wall or door.

PC Pals

This cute chap is a great desk tidy and he doesn’t mind if you give him a squeeze when your stressed out with your home work!

Photo Bags

Transform plain bags and pencil cases into something much more personalised!

Pocket Purse

Here's how to recycle jeans pockets into something much more chic and useful!

Precious Pot

An amazing Precious Pot

Pukka Pens

Transform old or damaged pens into something much nicer!

Puzzle Shade

When the sun comes out, you can now stick it on your car window and stay cool!

Ropy Soap

Gorgeous soap on a rope with a loofah centre.

Row of Ghosts

A spooky string of ghosts made from a napkin and paper cup.

Rubbish Roach

All it takes is some card and a vacuum bag, to make a great looking rubbish bin!

Safety Pin Bracelet

Amaze your mates with jewellery that really is made from safety pins.

Save My Seat

Keep your seat in front of the TV safe by making this false but very realistic looking mess!

Sea Side Shower Curtain

Jazz up your shower curtain with this great beach design!

Shade Sleeve

Perfect for keeping your sun glasses from getting scratched!

Shrunken Heads

Fantastic shrivelled apple head pencil tops.

Sidewalk Chalk

Make your own chalk – you’ll never believe it’s made from egg shells.

Sock Sneakers

Ideal for freshening up the air around your trainers and neutralising those nasty niffs.

Space Ship Memo Board

Your notes could blast off to the moon with this great memo board!

Spoon Crab Grab

You’ll never have to shell out on a photo frame again!

Style File

Turn a plain file into something much more stylish with this great Little Finger Tip.

T-Shirt Cushions

Revamp old t-shirts into brilliant, funky cushions.

Tie Dye

Make funky looking T shirts with a bit of tie dying.

Veg Dye T-Shirt

Bring back the feel of the 70's with these eco friendly t-shirts, designed using vegetables!

Whoopee Cushion

A lovely cushion on the outside with a rip roaring surprise on the outside

Woven Scarf

Not only great to wear, but makes really unusual gifts and keeps you warm in the winter!

Wrap Around Jewelry

They make really unusual gift and are dead easy to make!

Wrap Around Shades

A funky way of making light shades that look cool in your room.

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