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Advent Calendar

An advent calendar full of pressies and reveals a secret picture.

Animals With Altitude

Very long legged animals handy for storing stuff.

Animated Cards

A moving card to send your mates.

Athletes Footlocker

An American style locker for keeping pairs of sports socks fresh and together.

Awesome Autumn Paper

A great idea for making wrapping paper for autumn.

Beachcomber Hut

An authentic looking, whitewashed weatherboarded beach hut for keeping brushes and combs in.

Bed Pocket

A great place to store your bedroom pieces!

Book Worm Book End

If you love working your way through books you'll love the Finger Tips Book Worm Book End.

Boxing Kangaroo Bin

Chuck your rubbish in a bin in the shape of a kangaroo.

Bum Board

A funky way of recycling old jeans into a cheeky pin board for all your important notes and messages.

Cactus Pencil Sharpener

You won't prick your finger on this cactus, it doubles as a pencil with a hidden sharpener!

Calculator Robot

Helps you with maths and storage

Cash Cow

A cow money box that makes a ‘moo’ every time you save.

CD Decks

Now you can have your own set of DJ decks in your bedroom - a great place to store your CDs.

CD Saurus

A cute dinosaur shaped CD rack.

CD Speaker

A trendy speaker for keeping your CDs and personal stereo together complete with a microphone headphone stand.

Communication Station

A realistic looking satellite station, the ideal place for storing your remote control, notepad and snacks.

Cool Shades Holder

Keep your shades in one of these cool looking pots and you’ll know where they are at all times.

Croc Knocker

A croc style door knocker to guard your door and warn of any visitors.

Day Glow Chalk Board

What a bright idea, you won’t miss this great make!

Decorated Wellies

Jazz up boring old wellies with fantastic ideas for decoration.

Delux Autograph Book

This fab book will let you collect all your favorite stars autographs in style!

Egyptian Party

Great for party ideas or just a bit or Egyptian fun!

Everlasting Chocolate Box

If you love chocolate you'll love this double dose of chocolate - the Everlasting Chocolate Box.

Everlasting Pumpkin

Fantastic pumpkin lantern that will last forever.

Flippin Chicken

A handy storer for two VHS tapes in the shape of a cool camcorder.

Football Clock

You won't get left on the bench with this make, strike your way to a top clock!

Football League Ladder Scarf

Monitor your favourite footie teams progress on a scarf league ladder.

Fruit Suit

Looks great, made from rubbish and stops your fruit from getting bruised.

Funky PC Frame

This will jazz up your computer screen and it’s a handy place to store your pens.

Glitter Ball

Glam it up, hang it up and pretend you’re a cool clubber or a showbiz superstar!

Global Cooler

A planet that keeps your drinks ice cool.

Glow Worm

A nifty light, disguised as a glow worm, that clips to your book. Perfect for night time reading.

Groovy Groomer

A groovy looking head and shoulders mirror with pockets for all your combs and hair stuff.

Gruesome Gift

A lovely homemade gift but there’s a horrible surprise lurking inside!

Gruesome Goblin

A puppet goblin made from an egg box.

Head Hugging T-Shirts

Guaranteed to raise a few laughs!

Head Stands

Great way of recycling your old dolls or action figures and hanging up your bits and bobs.

Helping Hand

Designed to hold onto things and keep them safe so you don't lose them.

Iced Bin

It looks like a cake but is in fact a waste paper bin – genius.

In The Doghouse

A dog kennel that barks when the door is opened, perfect for storing private bits and pieces .

Jellyfish Wind Chime

It looks great, it’s simple to make and its relaxing chimes tinkle in the breeze!

Laundry Shoot

Not only is it a place to put your clothes, but it’s a great game too!

Light Up Door Sign

It looks great, stops you being disturbed and you’ll be the envy of all your mates.

Load Of Pants Laundry Bin

A funky looking dirty laundry bin in the shape of a washing machine.

Load Of Rubbish Bin

A galvanised looking bin for keeping all your recycling rubbish.

Magazine Rack

A great way to keep your magazines tidy

Magic Frame

With a swipe of your finger tips your image will have colour!

Message In A Bottle

A beach in a box that stays outside your bedroom door to store personal messages for your eyes only.


They make fantastic party decorations and are guaranteed to fool your friends.

Monster Bed Frills

This great way of covering the junk under your bed will also scare away unwanted visitors!

Paint Door Stop

A brilliant practical joke made from rubbish!

Photo Bag

Take your buddy shopping with you everywhere, they can even carry stuff for you

Pizza Clock

A clock that really works in the shape of a tasty pizza.

Pop Corn Holder

You can have a different flavour in each compartment of this great popcorn holder!

Pyramid Pen Pals

Cute little pen and pencil holders in a pyramid shape

Rocket Pad

A rocket shaped, everlasting notepad

Roll Out Writing

This rolled-out writing is great for making things - like signs, book covers and badges.

Room Guard Door Stop

Keep your door ajar with a heavyweight door stop.

Safari Stool

A simple way to revamp a stool into a one with funky zebra stripes.

Safe House

Keep your stuff secure with this Safe House - it's got a locking device that keeps sticky fingers off your property!

Sandwich Board

If you want to leave a message, then why not?

Shed Loads Of Equipment

A handy two storey, table top shed to store all your make and do equipment.

Skateboard Note Board

A funky looking noteboard in the shape of a skateboard.

Slam Dunk

An easy way to make your own basketball net for storing socks, rubbish or practising your slam dunks.

Snappy Croc Box

A great looking box for storing your camera and films.

Sneaker Keeper

A cool looking box to store your trainers plus something to keep them smelling fresh.

Snow Shaker

Make your own Christmassy snow shaker.

Sock Ness Monster

A great looking monster made from your old socks.

Squirting Flowers

A lovely bunch of flowers with a deadly secret! Blooming Marvelous!

Sweety Stash Loaf

Play a sneaky trick on your mates with the Sweety Stash Loaf.

Table Top Football

A fantastic footie game to play on your table top.

Tea Time Cups

They look great, don’t cost much to make and are brilliant gifts for friends or family!

Ten Pins Bowling

A funky looking bowling ball that’s really a pin board. Complete with skittle pins.


A cute dinosaur head that’s useful for hanging bits and pieces on its horns and hides a secret box for storing private stuff.


An up to the minute toaster that is really a DVD or CD rack.

Totally Organised Totem

A stacking desk tidy with handy places to store all your pens, pencils and scissors.

Totem Tidy

He looks great in your room and is perfect for storing your bits and pieces.

Treasure Chest

Looks great, costs pennies to make, and has a hidden compartment to stash your secrets.

Treasure Island Bank

A great way of saving money for your favourite goodies!

Triple Decker

Hang this Triple Decker Door Sign on your bedroom door and everyone will know whether you're in or out.

Two Half Shark

Make the head and tail of a shark to go through your door, your drawer,

US Mailbox

An authentic looking American mail box for keeping all your letter writing bits.

Venus Fly Trap Tidy

Just as useful as a pin board for storing notes and important numbers, but in the shape of a Venus Fly trap plant.

Wotz In The Box

A great trick to play on your mates, a box with a mysterious lifting lid.

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