Chances are that you've got a bin or waste paper basket in your bedroom - essential for keeping the place tidy, but soooooo boring!

But, with a few Finger Tips you could transform yours into a Boxing Bangaroo Bin! Here's how...
Start off by gathering up the things you need.

Get some pieces of thick cardboard and a fair bit of brown fake fur fabric, which you can buy from most material shops or stalls.
The first thing to do is put your bin in the centre of a piece of cardboard and draw around the smaller of the two ends.
When you've done that, take a cup with the bigger end facing down. Place it underneath the first circle and draw around it.
Now, turn the cup the other way up, so that the smaller end is now facing down.

Using this, draw two circles to the top left and top right of the first circle, in a diagonal - just like you can see opposite.
These circles will help you to draw the outline of the kangaroo's head.

Once you've done that, cut the shape out.
The body is made in a similar way.

Taking another piece of cardboard, draw three circles which overlap slightly in the middle.

Use the bigger end of your bin for this.
When you've done that, carefully cut the shape out.
The kangaroo arms are made from two strips of cardboard.

These should be two ruler widths wide (about 8cm) and twice as tall as your bin.
You need to make the kangaroo's feet now.

Do this by standing on a piece of cardboard and drawing round your own feet!

It's a good idea to draw an extra flap behind the heels of your feet - this will make it easier to attach the feet to the rest of the body. When done, cut the shape out.
The pouch of the kangaroo is your bin itself - but you need to cover it with a piece of cardboard. Wrap it all the way around.

Make sure that the cardboard is slightly taller than your bin.
Use each of the pieces of card that you've cut out as templates to cut identically-sized pieces of fur fabric.

You'll need cut two of each so that you can cover the front and back.
When all the pieces of cardboard have been covered, you can stick them together.

Use PVA glue for this. Stick the head to the body, the body to the back of the bin, and the bin on top of the feet.

Clothes pegs will help keep everything in place whilst the glue dries!
Now for the two boxing gloves!

Draw around the smaller of the two ends onto a new piece of cardboard.

Add a thumb and wrist shape to each of the circles, as you can see opposite.
Cut the gloves out and paint them whatever colour you like - we used red.
For added realism, give each glove a slight bend.
Now you can stick the gloves to the arms - hold them in place with pegs whilst the glue dries.

Cut eyes, a nose and a tongue from paper and stick these on too.

And that's it - finished!
You can adapt this top make to make different kinds of decorated bins. How about a clown, with a brightly coloured face instead of fur fabric. Or a bouncing (or crying!) baby! This one looks great with old white carrier bags stuck around the bin to look like a nappy!

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